Enriqueta Arias

Creative director and writer Enriqueta has a passion for all things art and media. She holds a BA in Communication Studies from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and a minor in Art & Communication from L’Institut d’Études Politiques, Sciences Po, Paris. She was editor of Juxtapoz Latin America Magazine for two years, specializing in new contemporary art and culture. She has been working as independent cultural manager and curator for several projects including Art Walk Mexico, UR ART Festival in Santa Monica, California, Firenze4Ever for Luisa Via Roma, with the Mexican artist Prince Lauder in Florence, Italy; International Public Art Festival in Holbox, Mexico, "Made by ... Feito by Brasileiros" with the Mexican artist Saner in Sao Paulo, Brazil, SXSW Festival with Mexican and international artists such as Smithe One, Seher One, Pogo & Caratoes, FIFTY24MX Gallery and Rojo Bermelo Gallery. She collaborates with festivals and press including KAABOO ArtworK, as well as international media such as All City Canvas, Juxtapoz, NYLON Español and Street Art News. She currently acts as a liaison between international media outlets and artists for PangeaSeed Sea Walls and Founder of Artsynonym